Server Administration

Server Administration is vital

Server Administrators are in charge of setting up and maintaining the servers and networks of
their employers. This includes connecting workstations to the company network and monitoring
the network.

Since 2012, Eternity Ready has had extensive experience in both back-end system
administration and development. One of our bread and butter, is setting up top notch server
security. We have setup our servers with security that is a little to good and over the top. To the
point, we have been locked out of our own servers.

We can do all security related to network and systems. We can help you fight hackers, DDos and
do server hardening. We can also offer you other server related tasks like setting up servers, configuring Apache and
Nginx. We can even do data migrations for your web site. We also able to setup your computer infrastructure / ecosystem for your hosting like database and application servers. We can offer you advice if that’s all you need. Or we can even do work for you. What ever you need, we can help. Please talk us about your server needs today. Schedule an appointment with the button below.