Eternity Ready Teens

Eternity Ready Teens is a National Youth Ministry based in the United States.

Eternity Ready Teens is a National Youth Ministry designed for teenagers and youth pastors. Our goal is to plant home/cell groups for teenagers across the United States, including affiliation with our ministry. Our goal is to use online technology to train, educate and empower youth pastors and volunteers to reach the current generation of teenagers. We want to conduct conferences, curriculum for churches, online chat and phone support to encourage, pray and counsel leaders and youth pastors. The future goal is that all teenagers will hear the gospel, receive salvation and be baptized, and be sent out to turn their world upside down for the cause of Christ by winning souls for Eternity. We also plan to launch a National Online Youth Group available to all students across the United States. Students can be a part of a Online National Youth Group from home by participating in weekly “Live” Youth Services streamed from Eternity Ready Headquarters. Students will meet and interact with other students across the United States. We will also encourage and sponsor various Eternity Ready Teens activities in communities across the country.