Eternity Ready

Domain and Data Migrations

Control your data through Data Migration

Data migration is the process of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data and
permanently transferring it from one computer storage system to another. Domain migration
means moving data from one system, or domain, to another without compromising security or
losing any of the data.

Domain migration also involves taking a domain when moving a web site from one server to
another. Like when changing hosts and moving your web site data. Domain migration also
involves DNS changes such as name server and other domain record changes. Cpanel / WHM
a well known hosting control panel makes it easier to move a domain, web site and database
between web hosts.

This work can be done easily and quickly depending on the complexity of the data needed to be
migrated. Some people can save money doing it by themselves. Some people do not have the
time or energy or experience to do it.

We can migrate data and domains for anyone client using cpanel, anyone with a virtual server
or dedicated server. We also have experience with migrations to Nginx and Apache based linux
servers. We can work on any small or large complex data migrations. Our migrations can be
tailored to your needs. But we offer full migrations for your domain, database and files. We can
even move your Apache and Nginx web server configuration.

If you just need education or advice on domains and data migrations. We can just do consulting.
If you want us to actually move your data and domains. We can do that for you. Please schedule
a meeting with our experts using button below.